High Voltage Electric, headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois has been providing electrical equipment inspections, testing, repairs and maintenance since 1974. We offer complete testing, maintenance, engineering, and repair services for all makes of electrical distribution equipment.

HVE was one of the first companies in the U.S. to specialize in testing and maintenance of electrical power distribution systems and equipment for industrial and commercial power users. HVE has worked with a variety of industries to establish reliable and safe procedures and standards. We are an independent testing company, not affiliated with any equipment manufacturers or suppliers. Thus, we provide unbiased test results and recommendations based on the latest principles of quality and value engineering.


Our corporate mission is:
To provide superior electrical engineering and testing services that enable our customers to maintain their competitive edge in today’s market. We will exceed expectations by delivering the highest-quality service in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner.


We design and establish maintenance programs to maximize the uptime and safety for your individual electrical system. We develop customized testing schedules for each component and tailor specific tests to be performed based on historical performance of similar equipment, operating environment, and budget constraints. Our focus is on your most critical equipment: transformers, switchgear, protective devices and cables. When our work is complete you will receive a comprehensive engineering report with detailed test, servicing and evaluation data that has been reviewed by our electrical engineers experienced in testing and maintenance evaluation of electrical apparatus.


Our service goals are to:

- Ensure economy of operation
- Extend the life of your equipment
- Improve your facility’s uptime record
- Promote the safety and reliability of your facility